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Hazardous Waste Transportation 


  1. BioMasr Limited Company offers waste transportation services for all types of waste. Our services extend to both non-hazardous waste and hazardous waste. Non-hazardous waste includes: organic waste, plastic waste, wooden waste, cardboard waste, and liquid waste. Hazardous waste includes: chemical waste, personal protective equipment waste, electronic waste, light bulbs, empty glass containers, filters, industrial sludge, batteries, oil and grease waste, catalyst waste and residues, polluted water, contaminated soil with waste, medical equipment, and drugs.

  2. At BioMasr, we follow all Egyptian standards for transporting hazardous and non-hazardous waste and adhere to safety procedures to minimize potential risks. We also use specialized and approved equipment and tools to ensure safe transportation.

  3. BioMasr provides temporary storage services for waste during the transportation process, using special facilities equipped with modern methods to maintain the safety of the waste.

  4. The transportation team at BioMasr Ltd. uses modern vehicles and specialized transportation equipment with the latest necessary technologies to ensure safe transportation. All equipment and tools used comply with international and Egyptian health and environmental standards.

  5. All necessary environmental approvals are available for waste transportation and disposal activities in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The company adheres to local and international laws and regulations in this regard.