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Hazardous Waste Transportation 


Some waste is considered hazardous and other types are considered non-hazardous. Hazardous waste include: chemical waste, personal protective equipment waste, electronic waste, light bulbs, empty glass containers, filters, industrial sludge, batteries, oil and grease waste, catalyst waste and residues, polluted water, contaminated soil with waste, medical equipment, and drugs. Whereas non-hazardous waste includes: organic waste, plastic waste, wooden waste, cardboard waste, and liquid waste.

Hazardous waste poses serious health and environmental risks when not handled properly. That is why its transportation and disposal processes are strictly regulated in order to protect human health and the environment. Transporting hazardous waste involves moving it from where it was generated to specialized facilities for treatment or disposal. Hazardous waste transporters must adhere to a number of requirements and guidelines for:

      • Obtaining all necessary transport permits and approvals.
      • Using specially-designed vehicles, equipment, containers and packaging certified for hazardous waste.
      • Comprehensive employee training on safe handling, emergency response and regulatory compliance.
      • Thorough waste profiling and shipment documentation.

An expert transporter with the required experience and certifications will ensure that the hazardous waste is disposed of properly at permitted facilities, while maintaining all legal, ethical, and sustainable obligations.

BioMasr ensures compliant, ethical, sustainable, and safe transportation of all hazardous and non-hazardous waste using:

      • Specialized, certified, and approved vehicles, equipment and containers that adhere to Egyptian standards and safety procedure of transporting hazardous and non-hazardous cargo
      • Temporary storage facilities that maintain waste safety between pickups
      • Comprehensive employee training on safe handling, emergency response and regulatory compliance

From picking up loads to final treatment or disposal, we leverage state-of-the-art technologies, processes and facilities. Furthermore, our highly-experienced team of hazardous waste transport specialists:

      • Uses modern transportation equipment that meets Egyptian and international health and environmental standards
      • Strictly adheres to local and international laws/regulations
      • Obtains all necessary environmental approvals for waste transportation and disposal activities in in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

BioMasr adheres to the highest ethical and sustainability principles -safely transporting hazardous wastes in the most environmentally sound manner to help our clients minimize risks/costs from non-compliance while maximizing value from complex waste streams.