Biogas Plants

Biogas is a renewable fuel made by naturally breaking down organic matter in the absence of oxygen. The process produces a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide that can generate electricity, heat homes and fuel vehicles. Biogas production adapts flexibly to many feedstocks and scales from small farm digesters to large industrial plants. This versatility means biogas solutions can be tailored to different needs and conditions.

Biogas boasts a number of benefits, environmental and economic: 

  • Reduces dependence on fossil fuels
  • Improves local air quality and mitigates climate change by eliminating methane emissions
  • Cuts agricultural waste management costs in half
  • Provide an easy-to-operate and maintain source of renewable energy on any scale
  • Reduces local water pollution from agricultural and industrial waste
  • Creates new jobs in agriculture and energy
  • Reduces waste disposal costs by up to 50%

Biogas solutions have been at the heart of BioMasr’s expertise since our founding. Since 2013, we’ve installed and operated over 850 farm-scale biogas digesters from 25-300kg capacity and more than 35 industrial and municipal biogas plants ranging from 1,000-2,500kg, helping customers in 23 Egyptian governorates and 5 MENA countries generate renewable energy from organic waste.

Our biogas solutions for your facility will be:

  • Tailored to your specific feedstock and energy needs
  • Optimized for maximum methane output and uptime
  • Easy for your team and partners to use and maintain safely
  • Compliant with all relevant regulations
  • Integrated into your circular economy and sustainability goals

Whatever your needs are for the biogas plant, our customized solutions will always be backed by:

  • Cost-competitive designs optimized for your specific wastes and energy demands
  • A track record of delivering safe, reliable and high-performing biogas systems
  • Stringent adherence to regional and international industry standards


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